15 Reasons to Join the Chamber

  1. 72% of my business comes directly from referrals that have come from being involved with the Saginaw Area Chamber of Commerce.
  2. After being a Chamber Ambassador program, my business actually doubled.
  3. This Chamber is like your family, they care about the growth and success of your business.
  4. Our Chamber members prefer doing business with other Chamber members.
  5. Your business is instantly credible.
  6. You build long-lasting relationships that make a difference.
  7. You connect directly to your community.
  8. You will be joining a Chamber that is clearly the best in the area.
  9. When joining the Chamber YOU get an experienced marketing and public relations partner!
  10. You develop relationships that will bring you more business.
  11. You get to know your city leaders and state legislators.
  12. Your business gets instant visibility to other businesses and the most important leaders in the area.
  13. You get great opportunities to develop personally and as a business person.
  14. There’s no better value for your long term success!
  15. In challenging economic times, there’s no better value for your promotional dollars.